5 Reasons Why Your Sign is the Best Sign Part 3

We conclude this three-part series as we review the top five, most-positive traits possessed by each of the 12 zodiac signs. Click here to find parts one and two.

In this article, part three, we will look at the last four signs of the zodiac and show you exactly why your zodiac sign is definitely the best sign!

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1. Sagittarius are optimists
Sagittarius are hopeful and well-adjusted people. They have a positive nature and believe anything is possible. They are excited for tomorrow and the good luck that tomorrow promises. For them, the glass is always half full and the sun will shine again.

2. Sagittarius are adventurous
Sagittarius crave excitement and long for of life that is full of adventure. They long to explore the world. Nothing thrills them more than the prospect of trying something new.

3. Sagittarius are fun
Sagittarius are born entertainers. They are witty and excellent storytellers, and have comical observations that will keep you amused. They have a free-spirited personality that matches their hopeful and adventurous outlook on life.

4. Sagittarius are intelligent
Sagittarius are symbolized by the centaur. Centaurs were the intellectuals of Roman mythology. They see themselves as on this planet to gain wisdom, learn and explore. They have an eye for detail, and are deep thinkers who enjoy new ideas, travel and philosophy.

5. Sagittarius are energetic
Action is the key word for Sagittarius. Their enthusiastic and adventurous nature keeps them on-the-go from one thing to the next. Whether it’s sports or exploring outdoors, or challenging their mind with games of skill or knowledge, Sagittarius live life full-on and moment-by-moment.


1. Capricorns are ambitious.
Similar to the goat that represents its sign, Capricorns love to be at the top of the mountain. Achievement and fulfilling lives are what they find most important. They have the persistence and dedication to stick to what it takes to achieve their goals.

2. Capricorns are stable
Capricorns, like the goat, are surefooted in everything they do. They never make hasty decisions or dangerous leaps without surveying any situation. This natural instinct helps them achieve financial and material security. In life, they like being in control of situations at home and in relationships. They like things black-and-white, with no gray areas.

3. Capricorns are independent
Capricorns are very capable and prefer to do things themselves to ensure they are done right. They are confident, self-sufficient and highly capable at any endeavor they undertake. Capricorns are strong-minded, with persistent powers of concentration that helps them succeed.

4. Capricorns are leaders
By their very nature, Capricorns seek to climb. Their leadership skills tend to help him climb the corporate ladder. Their inherent quest for stability helps them make sound and wise investments. While their independence, guides them to make creative moves that allows them to rise above the pack.

5. Capricorns are down-to-earth
The stable nature of Capricorns means that their heads aren’t in the clouds, but rather, that their feet are firmly on the ground in the real world. They love tradition and are polite and friendly. They are devoted lovers and prefer to stay put. Capricorns are neither materialistic nor greedy.


1. Aquarius are inventive
Aquarius are spilling over with new thoughts and fresh ideas. They are not afraid to be unconventional, in fact, they thrive on it. Their ideas are often at genius level. They are visionaries who want to change the world for the better.

2. Aquarius are free spirits
Aquarius are nonjudgmental and adhere to a ” live and let live” policy of letting everyone be free to be their true selves. They believe in freedom to roam, free space, free speech and freedom to be individuals.

3. Aquarius love humanity
Aquarius believe everyone is equal and that all opinions should be heard. They are altruistic, humanitarian and philanthropic. Their mantra is help somebody if you can, and you always can. They seek to make the world a better place for all.

4. Aquarius love people
Aquarius love people of all kinds, and especially like to surround themselves with friends and family. They believe the best way to do things is with a collaborative effort of bringing people together.

5. Aquarius are full of wonder
It is inherent in the nature of an Aquarius to ask “why?” They are always seeking what’s possible in life, especially when it comes to making things better. They are keen observers and look for opportunities. An Aquarius is known to find joy in things that are new and challenging.


1. Pisces are easy-going
Like its symbol of a pair of fish, Pisces tend to go with the flow and not make any waves. Pisces are adaptable people, and this lack of conflict tends to make them likable in the eyes of others. Overall, they are good-natured and generous people.

2. Pisces are mysterious
Pisces tend to be spiritually oriented. They are often focused on their inner thoughts. The duality of their paired fish symbol, represents an existence in two worlds. The real world and the spiritual world of their inner self.

3. Pisces are intuitive
The Pisces sign is connected with mystery, the spiritual unknown and mysticism. Pisces often possess -psychic abilities. They excel at understanding and seeing into people and their motivations. They learn to trust their gut instincts because they are almost always right.

4. Pisces have empathy
The intuitive abilities of Pisces runs so deep that they are able to feel the pain of others. Their compassion is so strong that what affects others will often affect them as well. They have a great sense of charity and will not hesitate to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

5. Pisces are imaginative
Pisces are dreamers and are comfortable in an illusory world. Their minds flow freely into the netherworld where they can think outside of the box and the limitations of the real world do not apply. They excel at writing, poetry, music and art.


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