5 Reasons Why Your Sign is the Best Sign Part 2

Continuing this three-part series, we review the top five, most-positive traits possessed by each of the 12 zodiac signs.

In this article, part two, we will look at the middle four signs of the zodiac and show you exactly why your zodiac sign is definitely the best sign!

best sign part two


1. Leos are natural leaders
Leos have strong character. They know when to lead with strength and when to be gentle. They often do both simultaneously. They are highly creative, which helps them solve problems, and earning the respect of others in the process.

2. Leos have strong ambition
One thing Leos do that set them apart is a willingness to take risks that others fear. They understand that in order to make great gains, you must have the courage to push beyond the point where others stop. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to think big.

3. Leos are very generous
Ambitious Leos love to share their success with others. They feel that success would have no meaning unless it enriched the lives of those around them and those they care about and love. They epitomize “one for all and all for one.”

4. Leos have strong ideals
The traits that make Leos ambitious, great leaders is born out of their idealistic nature. They place morals and traditional values at the top of their list of what’s important in a person’s character. They feel a person is only as good as their “word.” Leos are often religious.

5. Leos are charismatic and magnetic
Leos possess an innate quality that draws others to them. They simply ooze charisma.They are highly-charged sexually and passionate. Even if they don’t have “textbook” good looks, they are usually successful in their romantic endeavors. As leaders, Leos usually find themselves in the spotlight. Their intelligence alone generally brings them attention.


1. Virgos are wise
There is nothing a Virgo does without careful thought. They avoid impulsive actions and make logical decisions. They are highly skilled at utilizing self-control. They might be tempted, but they know when to say no. As a result, they rarely find themselves looking stupid or dealing with regret.

2. Virgos define perfectionism
Virgos like to do things right. They take pride in a job well-done, which reflects their talents. They have a keen eye for spotting flaws and attention to detail. In fact, they are masters of detail. They are thorough and never leave anything undone.

3. Virgos are independent
Virgos have the ability to shield themselves from the world around them. This helps them maintain their positive energy and block the negative energy of what ever is around them. They don’t necessarily need people around them to be happy. They prefer to surround themselves with people who are real, loyal and true.

4. Virgos are healers
Virgo is the sign of the health, healing, help and service. Virgos tend to be nurturing. They are naturals at helping others. They can understand deeply, and in turn, use this understanding to help others heal emotionally or solve their problems.They are often drawn towards the medical profession.

5. Virgos are dependable
Even though Virgos have an independent nature, they have strong inner-qualities that can be depended on. You can always count on a Virgo to be efficient. Virgos strive to serve others and you can depend on them to be there to help when you need them most.


1. Libras are fun
Nothing describes Libra better than “Life of the Party.” They love to have a good time and are usually game for anything that promises excitement and fun.

2. Libras are fair and peaceful
Libras like balance in life. They like to see issues resolved. They have a strong sense of what determines fair play. They cannot stand to see injustice and seek to assure that justice is obtained. They are highly diplomatic. Peace and harmony for all is their ultimate goal.

3. Libras are romantic
Libras are highly motivated by their feelings of love. They are very social and pleasant conversationalists. The graciousness of Libras has a luring effect. They are enormously enchanting and can charm their way into anything!

4. Libras are generous
Libras seek balance in all areas of their life, and it is no different when it comes to sharing their success with others. When rewards tip the scales in their favor, a Libra will achieve balance by giving out equal slices of the pie.

5. Libras make great friends
Libras radiate with charm, which quickly endears them to others. Due their diplomatic nature, they tend to get along great with most people. They tend to be the binder that holds groups and partners together because of their ability to maintain the peace and harmony. They can see the views of others better than anyone, making them great to talk to and confide in.


1. Scorpios are independent
Scorpios like to be in control. They are good at making decisions and giving orders. They prefer to do things on their own to avoid any battles in decision-making. They often prefer to be or live on their own in order to maintain control.

2. Scorpios are ambitious
Scorpios are not afraid to work hard to obtain or achieve what they want. They are extremely determined and can accomplish anything they set their mind to. They are fierce competitors. They tend to be successful, especially obtaining wealth.

3. Scorpios are passionate.
Scorpios are intense, both in drive and with emotions. They are strong and do not care for weakness.

4. Scorpios have strong intuition
Scorpios are very observant and have a deep, penetrative mind. They seek out and look for the details others may overlook. The probe further and try to answer all questions that linger in their mind when they observe and serve a unique situation. They have an intuitive sense about the human mind. Many Scorpios have psychic abilities.

5. Scorpios are loyal
if you are honest with a Scorpio you will have a best friend forever. They never forget a kind gesture and are quick to repay it On the other hand, those that do a Scorpio wrong will have an enemy to reckon with. Scorpios aren’t the type to forgive and forget, ever. In fact, they will often feel some type of revenge is justified and get it.

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