5 Reasons Why Your Sign is the Best Sign Part 1

In this three part article we will review the top five, most positive traits possessed by each of the 12 zodiac signs.

In this article, part one, we will look at the first four signs of the zodiac and show you exactly why your zodiac sign is definitely the best sign!

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1. Aries are leaders
Aries are go-getters who are the first to charge to the front of the pack. They are activists who have no fear towards taking the plunge.They are confident and like to be the center of attention.

2. Aries are bold
Like their symbol the ram, Aries are not hesitant to put their head down and charge forward with their ideas. Subtlety is not one of their qualities. They aren’t afraid to take on anything or anyone. Such bravery tends to lend an air of excitement that surrounds them.

3. Aries are independent
Aries aren’t content to sit on the sidelines, they prefer to take action. As natural leaders, they prefer to call the shots. They will take on all challenges, especially in new terrain. They love to make things happen, and are always eager to blaze their own trail.

4. Aries are energetic
Aries have no lack of vitality. Their fiercely bold and independent nature is powered by the boundless energy they possess. Not only do they have the zest to take the lead, they have the stamina to continue as long as it takes. They are fierce competitors who both love physical and mental challenges.

5. Aries are magnetic
Aries are dynamic people who shine with energy. They possess copious amounts of charisma and charm. Their magnetic personalities draws people towards them. They are both playful and romantic. Life within Aries never lacks excitement.


1. Taurus are fair, just and rational.
They are law-abiding and generally quite peaceful. They make great spouses, friends and neighbors. As a result, Taurus have an incredible amount of patience. They are dedicated lovers, very loving and supporting to all people they interact with.

2. Taurus are practical.
A reflection of the earthiness of their sign. They are not over-consumed with a fixation of material things.

3. Taurus are stable.
Taurus are steadfast, and embody security. You can count on a Taurus to always be responsible consistently. This trait drives them to achieve. They are not ones who like change. They only accept change when it has been well thought out and makes practical sense.

4. Taurus are wise.
Being practical, they make decisions based on sound knowledge. They don’t make hasty decisions. Their careful and thoughtful nature is one of their secrets to success.

5. Taurus are strong.
Taurus are unchangeable. This is often thought negatively of as stubbornness, when in reality, it is a positive trait of being firm and resolute. They are very protective, especially of those they love. They are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac.


1. Geminis are intelligent.
Geminis are always thinking ahead. In doing so, they often won’t reveal the depth of their intelligence to others. This tactic helps them size up the other person, to tell if someone is being genuine or is faking. They often try to test the limits, challenge authority or even play mind games as a way to analyze the other person. Once the Gemini let’s you in, they will keep you entertained with their sarcastic comments and wit.

2. Geminis are filled with the unexpected.
Geminis will never fail to astound you. Life never gets boring with a Gemini around. They are often unpredictable due to their curious and adventurous nature. They are full of energy and life with a Gemini is electrifying and exciting.

3. Geminis crave adventure.
Geminis often find themselves involved in a variety of activities which lead to a busy, yet full lifestyle. There are always eager to try or learn new things. Every day is a chance to enjoy a new experience. They are successful because they overcome fear that holds others back from finding new opportunities.

4. Geminis are truthful and real.
Geminis are not shy about saying what they think. Geminis will always tell the truth, even if it hurts. At the same time, due to their wit, their tendency to keep it real results in some hilarious moments!

5. Geminis are independent.
Geminis are not “needy.” Due to their tendency to seek constant change, Geminis are not the type to linger over their exes. Even in their social lives, people will come and go. This is not because Geminis are fickle, but rather, they are selective about who they date and associate with. Geminis bond best with your “true” friends.


1. Cancers are filled with passion and love.
Everything a Cancer does is motivated by their heart and with love in mind. Cancers are filled with great empathy, making them the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

2. Cancers are supportive.
Because of their kindness, big hearts and caring nature, there is no better shoulder to lean or cry on. Cancers make the most supportive lovers, friends, counselors and confidential listeners. They are truly someone you can be open and honest with. You can trust them to keep secrets and respect your privacy.

3. Cancers are loyal.
There is nothing more important to a Cancer than strong relationships. Family comes first, and that includes friends. They are highly protective of those they care about, and always have the backs of others covered. They take pride in making others feel appreciated and cared for.

4. Cancers are carefree
Cancers are free spirits. They are independent and like to do things their way, even if it’s contrary to what others do. They enjoy having fun and are full of surprise. They have a magnetic personality that draws others to them. Life with a Cancer is never boring.

5. Cancers are fair and just
Cancers have a strong trait towards open-mindedness. They are unbiased and nonjudgmental. They are skilled peacekeepers and are excellent at resolving disputes. Because of their empathy, they have no difficulty seeing all sides of the situation. When it comes to themselves, they are quick to admit when they are wrong. They don’t like fighting and drama and are quick to restore the peace.

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Taurus are known to be stubborn bulls, but they are also incredibly gentle beasts.

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