Advanced Astrology… for Beginners

This is a quick introductory lesson about Advanced Astrology to help you learn more in-depth information about each of the signs!

astrology for beginners

Astrology is a language and it has it’s own set of grammatical rules, and it’s own alphabet. When we look at them one by one it becomes very disconnected. You may not yet have a context for these ideas, but it will become very interesting when all of the different parts become pieced together.

Here are the letters of the Astrological Alphabet and what they represent:

Letter 1

Mars, Aries, 1st House
Your own self, Self Awareness.

Letter 2

Venus, Taurus, 2nd House
Values and Personal Skill Abilities

Letter 3

Mercury, Gemini, 3rd House
Learning and Communication

Letter 4

Moon, Cancer, 4th House
Home and Security

Letter 5

Sun, Leo, 5th House
Creativity and Children

Letter 6

Chiron, Virgo, 6th House
Daily Home Life and Spirituality

Letter 7

Venus, Libra, 7th House
Relationships and Others

Letter 8

Pluto, Scorpio, 8th House
Sharing Go and the Ability to Let Go of the Past

Letter 9

Jupiter, Sagittarius, 9th House
Religion and Travel

Letter 10

Saturn, Capricorn, 10th House
Power, Career and Wealth

Letter 11

Uranus, Aquarius, 11th House
Friends and Social Settings

Letter 12

Neptune, Pluto, 12th House
Solitude and Self Reflection

You can watch this video to learn more!

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did you know

A german astrologer by the name of Frau Elsbeth Ebertin was given Adolf Hitler’s birth chart. She correctly predicted that he would become the Fuhrer.

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