Your Supernatural Animal Alter Ego

Imagine for a second that you had the ability to shift into animal form. What magnificent creature would you be depending on your own unique personality traits determined by your sign? Let’s find out.

supernatural animal alter ego

Aries: The Fox

You are known to be charming and fiery, and you are absolutely fantastic at convincing others with your powers of persuasion. You can be a bit manipulative, but you always have a reason for your rhyme.

Taurus: The Owl

You are the type to silently wait until you know the time is right to pounce on new opportunities. You do not lack in wisdom, and have the patience to persevere. You also have a very sharp wit and know how to use it!

Gemini: The Dolphin

You are known for your mischievous, bubbly energy, but you also have a much deeper side to your nature. Behind that chatty facade is a thoughtful, gentle creature who tries to always see the good in others.

Cancer: The Chameleon

You are able to shift in more ways than one! You are a master at adapting to any situation, but your moods can be incredibly changeable. People find you quite mysterious, and you personally enjoy your own eccentric nature.

Leo: The Horse

You are a majestic creature and you know it. You have the motivation and energy to get things done. You are able to brighten anyone’s day, and take a lot of pride in that. You just have to always be careful to not let your egotistical side take over in the process.

Virgo: The Beaver

You are a very hardworking and compassionate person! People tend to get a little frustrated with you because they don’t understand that your fussy personality is a result of your serious nature. You have an undying dedication to everything that is important to you.

Libra: The Meerkat

Your family means the world to you, and you have a great deal of pride in playing the martyr. You are a natural leader, and have no problem taking control of every situation. Just be very careful about how you present yourself, as you can come across as very demanding at times.

Scorpio: The Jaguar

You are very secretive, and can come across as very intimidating and insensitive to others. Make sure that you try to have fun every once in a while so that people don’t misunderstand your intentions. Just relax a little!

Sagittarius: The Peacock

You are loud and proud! You are determined to be an overachiever, and making sure you achieve your goals is extremely important to you. Your major fault is that you can be easily discouraged if things don’t always go your way and you have a tendency to be a little too controlling.

Capricorn: The Bee

You are forever the practical one, and are known for your humble ways. Your colleagues know that you are very sweet and hardworking. You always try to leave no task uncompleted – even if it means literally working all night if you have to.

Aquarius: The Parrot

You truly march to the beat of your own drum! You are fearless and do not worry about what others think of you. You are intelligent enough to pave your own way, and people admire you for your brutal honesty.

Pisces: The Deer

You have to be very careful not to make yourself an easy target to those that would seek out to take advantage of your gentle nature. You are full of compassion, and are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Luckily you are also very quick, and strong enough to handle anything thrown your way.

supernatural animal alter ego

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