Number One in Everything

At least in their own eyes! The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries, and they do have a tendency to put themselves at the front of the line. This is actually something they’re very good at, since they have the charm and charisma to get things started. Just don’t count on them to follow through unless the end result will personally reward them!

For this reason they usually make excellent team leaders. They can give a project the jump start it needs, but allow others to do what is necessary to complete the task.

Goatish Tendencies

True to their symbol, they will absolutely try to “ram” things down your throat. They are convinced that they have the next big idea, and aren’t really open to having others add input. They can be rather abrasive and to the point.

The good news is that they can be so forceful and confident in their ideas that most of the time they actually work.

Inner Strength

One thing to keep in mind when confronting an Aries: You probably aren’t going to win. They are incredibly competitive and aren’t likely to back down. Sometimes they win by sheer will power alone! They’re also prone to making sure they get the final word in.

They Love a Challenge

Aries are excellent in team sports, especially if they can make a name for themselves. They have the vigor and ability to work hard to make sure their team comes in first. They do especially well in activities such as Martial Arts where they can show off their prowess in front of others. They actually have the determination it takes to work towards that final belt.


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