Most Bizarre Deaths in History

Imagine being known for your bizarre death instead of how you lived your life? That is exactly the situation for the people listed below. The sad thing is how many of these were easily avoidable! Read on for some of the strangest ways that people have died.

bizarre deaths in history

In Conclusion

Common sense goes a long way, and that seems to be what most of these people were lacking. Your life is infinitely more important than trying to prove a point or winning a contest. But a turtle falling from the sky? Well… we can’t really fault someone for that.

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did you know

The light from distant galaxies and stars take so long to reach us that what we are actually seeing are PAST versions of these objects. In other words, we’re looking back in time. A more technical example: the sun’s light takes almost nine minutes to travel to Earth, so we see how the sun looked nine minutes ago. Now consider that our nearest galaxy is 2.5 million light years ago!

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