Pure Domestics

The fourth sign of the Zodiac is Cancer. Those that fall under this sign are the true homemakers, and they enjoy nothing better than being at home where they can be surrounded by friends and family. Their families tend to be large and loud, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pride in Their Home

Cancers tend to spend a lot of time investing in their home because it is their favorite place to be. It is where their children grow, and where their heart resides. They take great pride in their country, and are the type to very likely have a flag waving beside their doorway.


Holidays are especially fun in a Cancer’s household because they will truly go all out. Their home will be dressed to the T in holiday decor, and you’d better arrive hungry to the many family gatherings they will throw.


Yep, it is true. They can certainly be crabby, as their symbol suggests. If you upset them, you’d better be prepared for what happens next. Regaining their trust or getting back on their good side is no easy task, and they will make you work for it. They will retreat inside their shells and refuse to come out unless they absolutely have to. They are also not above using emotional manipulation to get their way.

In a Pinch

Cancers do best when they are mindful of others and don’t give in to their inner selfishness. Sometimes they can let their perfect vision of what family should look like end up being the reason it all falls apart in the end. If they are able to rein that one negative trait in, then they can absolutely be the glue that holds everyone together. That way they can ensure that generations for years to come will gain something from their well-intended influence.


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