Career Horoscope

career horoscope

aries career

The office is chafing. It’s too restricting, from the hours you have to be there to the clothes you’re expected to wear. If you’re not sure why these feelings are plaguing you, then spend five minutes delving into your subliminal treasure chest.


taurus career

You’re stuck in low gear. No matter how highly you value your career, you just can’t jump start your drive for success. Everyone needs to slow down every now and then. Consider this your day to do just that.


gemini career

If only you had something extreme to deal with or anything at all for that matter. It’s a duller than dirt kind of day. To get some balance, you need to end your work week with a bang. Start the planning process.


cancer career

Your plans are working, even if you’re getting no recognition. Don’t expect that kind of acknowledgement anytime soon. Just keep hoping for good results in other ways.


leo career

If you feel held back, it’s just part of the vibe of the day. Working is like walking through quicksand or a pool of glue. But continue attempting to get something done.


virgo career

When you have time on your hands, offer your services to someone else. Don’t wait to be asked. Listen, look around, and pick out a colleague who could use some help. Don’t think twice about it. They’ll follow your lead.


libra career

As soon as a project is over, it already feels like it’s in the distant past. That kind of restlessness is what drives you onward and upward. But while you’re in between the ‘one down’ and ‘one to go’ stages, you can’t help but feel a bit depressed.


scorpio career

Your group needs something new. It’s up to you to figure out what and fast. Consider yourself to be in a huge game of musical chairs. The one caught standing could be someone in high places, or you.


sagittarius career

You’re cutting corners with the best of them. If you’ve already brought in your own lunch and bussed it to the office, then you have some idea of how to handle work issues. Start snipping.


capricorn career

Some tasks just don’t excite you. Drum up some enthusiasm for the process, if not the project. Working well together is a joy. There is satisfaction in a job well done — you come up with the rest.


aquarius career

It might look like a good personal day when you get your first peek at it, but don’t let yourself change any plans. The office beckons, even if it doesn’t call. Roll right out of bed and into work.


pisces career

The time for being creative is usually in the planning stages. But things are reaching a critical stage, and you need to make changes. Start shaking things up in whatever ways make sense to the right side of your brain.


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