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love horoscope

love horoscope

Remember that what you see is not always how you remember it. Your intuitions have a strange way of working to confirm your core beliefs. There are interesting nuances that only you would be able to recognize. Small things add up to make someone a unique individual. Everyone interprets these small differences to paint a unique picture of the individual. Then, as time passes, it has a funny way of transforming those remembrances into another whole different picture.
Come to every gathering with an open mind and open heart. Remember that as you evolve, so do the others around you. It’s seldom (nay impossible), for a person’s character to remain static as they journey through life.


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Will he or won’t he? Find out what the stars are predicting for your love life, whether the results be good or bad. That way you can make better decisions about what your next step should be.

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