Death Explained: The Strangest Facts!

The most mysterious thing about life is death, and there are so many occurences that simply cannot be explained. There are at least some facts that we have been able to discover, and we’ve compiled a list of them here for you.

death explained mysterious facts

Immortals Do Exist

There really are creatures that live forever, unless they are killed by means other than old age. The Immortal Jellyfish is one of these amazing beings.

What Lovely Nails and Hair!

If you’ve heard that fingernails and hair continue to grow after death, you would have heard wrong. What really happens is that the skin dries out and contracts, which makes it appear as if they have grown.

Your Body Eats Itself

Your body has digestive enzymes that normally help digest food, but after death they start to consume YOU. This happens within three days, and starts the process of decomposition.

Near Death Experiences

These experiences actually have an explanation! They are apparently caused by oxygen deprivation and dopamine. Both cause a flurry of signals to be sent to the brain that can cause alertness during events that can often lead to death.

Forensic Bugs

The way scientists can tell how long a body has been dead is by seeing what kind of insects are found on the body!

Rigor Mortis

This is the cause of the body getting stiff after death, and the process only takes about three or four hours. This is because of chemical changes in the muscles that cause them to contract. It usually disappears within thirty six hours, as the body starts to decompose.

Life Begets Death

The number one cause of death among younger women is giving birth. 99% of these deaths happen in developing countries, and most could have been prevented.

No One Knows Why We Die

The real reason for death of natural causes and why we get old is still a mystery. It is believed that the mutations that can hurt us as we age don’t get weeded out by evolution because the majority of creatures are killed or die from disease before they’re able to reach old age.

death explained mysterious facts

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did you know

After being decapitated, a human head can continue to live for a good twenty seconds. I can’t help but imagine what they must be thinking during that time.

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