DMT and Psychic Occurrences

Many individuals have had experiences wherein they have felt as though they’ve had visions of the past, present, or future, and in some of these visions, particularly of future events, they have more or less come true for several people. While some may be able to write off these experiences as simply coincidences or as results of hindsight bias, others believe that there may be some real connection between these types of events and some sort of spiritual or metaphysical mechanism or being that uses the visions as a means of communication.

dmt and psychic ability

Psychic Connection

One of the primary tools that is believed to be used for this “psychic connection” is called DMT, or dimethyltyptamine, which is a chemical that can be found in all humans because it is produced in our brains by a component called the pineal gland.

This chemical is general associated with “psychedelic” events in our lives, including birth, death, near-death experiences, and experiences related to psychic visions.

With this understanding of the chemical, tests have been run where the chemical has been administered to a number of individuals with the intent of figuring out how the chemical interacts with human consciousness and whether or not our current model of human consciousness is too limiting compared to the reality.


Through the course of the study, it was determined that the connectedness and shared nature of peoples’ visions leads the operators of the study, and many outside of the study itself, to believe that there is a distinct possibility that visions may be shared.

While this may not seem incredibly significant at first, the implication is that there is some sort of metaphysical existence that is using chemical processes inherent to human beings in order to communicate the same or similar messages to many people.

If this proves true, our understanding of science and the mystical, and of human consciousness specifically, could drastically change and develop in the coming years. Rather than believing that these visions are a product of chemical processes, we may find that the chemical processes are the effect of a metaphysical existence that is communicating with people.

Similar Visions

An interesting idea that was posited by Dr. Rick Strassman, the one in charge of the experiment and the commentator on the findings of the tests, declares that the seemingly connected consciousness experienced by the individuals affected by the chemical appeared to be very similar to the nature of the experiences felt by the Hebrew prophets and other ancient figures who are purported to have seen visions.

Dr. Strassman sees these similarities and believes that they may be the exact same occurrences, but with our advancement of technology and our shift in culture since those times we may be inherently describing them differently. If we can learn to look at these people and events while understanding this, it may be possible to learn even more about the nature of shared visions and metaphysical happenings than we would have thought possible not so very long ago.