Do You Have a Frog Prince?

In relationships, you either have a true prince (or princess!), a complete dud – or someone kind of stuck in between. If you have one of those that are in limbo, I have good news for you! There is a very good chance that you can take your frog and turn him into the most majestic of men.

frog prince

First of all, you need to think hard before taking these steps. Are the bad qualities really bad qualities, or are they something you truly can’t live with? It is important to love your significant other for who they really are, faults and all. After all, wouldn’t you like them to do the same?

On the other hand – if you feel like you would be doing them a favor, then maybe you both can benefit from these suggestions. Even better, he may never know what happened if you do things correctly! Let’s get started.

Gifts with a Hidden Purpose

Do you think a simple change of clothing might be in order? In that case, give the gift of style! Surprise your guy with a new outfit, and see how he reacts. Take him out on the town and let him see how others treat him in return, and how good it feels to dress up every now and then.

Be careful to stick to a style he can be comfortable with, and something that isn’t a drastic change from what he normally wears. You can also give him a nice cologne, and tell him how wonderful he smells! A little encouragement and positivity can truly go a long way.

frog prince

Inject a little Culture

Sometimes people can get stuck in a comfort zone, or they simply haven’t been exposed to new things they didn’t know they’d enjoy. Try taking your significant other to try new foods, and to new places. Encourage hobbies, especially those that you can do together.

I’m not saying you need to drag your guy kicking and screaming to the next ballet, but maybe an edgy museum exhibit might be more up his alley as a more acceptable introduction?

Make it Mutual!

Who said only your significant other could use a little more polish on their crown? Find classes you might enjoy together, and tell your guy (or gal) that you’d like to improve on yourself, and having them beside you could provide the encouragement you need to make it happen.

Find a local class (such as painting or wine tasting) and make a night of it. You could also consider dancing or cooking classes! Best of all, you could meet new friends along the way and help each other learn and grow from your new shared experiences.

Good luck in your journey, and don’t forget to kiss your Prince to ensure a full transformation!

frog prince


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