Engagement Rings for the Signs

Astrological signs can be used to predict a lot about a person’s life and habits, but had you ever considered using the stars to learn about what engagement ring would best suit someone? Look no further, because here are what basic qualities each sign would look for in an engagement ring!

best engagement ring for your sign


Capricorns want something bold and straightforward. Avoid overly intricate designs, but make sure to include plenty of stones in a compact, well-planned setting. This keeps everything simple while still exuding the Capricorn’s strength.


Aquarius want a ring that’s exciting and that’ll get people talking. A careful balance of unique stones, an intricate setting, and a variety of subtle colors can come together beautifully to make a ring that will impress anyone around.


Elegantly flowing lines in both the setting and the stones are what Pisces want. Gentle ovals, long curves, and thin borders will create a setting that appeals to the Pisces, while including a variety of sizes of sparkling gems will fill the setting and make the ring dazzle like the ocean in sunlight.


Aries are bold, so a sturdy-looking, yet elegantly designed, setting work best for their rings. Find a large, shining stone for the centerpiece, and inlaid stones in the ring itself will add that attention-grabbing element that’s classic to an Aries.


Taurus look for something that’s intricate and a pleasure to look at. Complex settings with various sizes of stones will intrigue anyone who takes a look at their ring.


Gemini appreciate a setting that stands apart from the rest. Whether it’s the shape, arrangement, or where in the ring the stones are placed, seek something with variety and something that doesn’t fit the traditional mold of engagement rings.


Cancers appreciate something that looks elegant and refined. Seek out a stone that looks precisely cut and find a setting with calculated curves or angled edges to exemplify a regal look.


Leos want a ring that makes a statement about who they are for everyone who sees it. Beautifully cut stones, and lots of them, in a liberal arrangement will cater to their outgoing and wild nature.


Beauty is in the details with Virgo’s ring. While a large stone shouldn’t be shied away from, make sure to find a setting that has lots of little artistic elements that will catch her eye in a special way.


Gentle and elegant curves are a must for Libra. Find settings with as few angles as possible while still incorporating gems that meld flawlessly with the coloration and shape of the setting itself.


Whether the ring has a variety of angular shape in the setting or it has a solid border of intricate metals, be sure that you treat a Scorpio with a ring that has a defined edge. Set those stones inside the sturdy looking setting!


Sagittarius like some new elements incorporated into a classic design. Seek out a traditional cut or stone, but add some new flair to the affair by adding some color.