Finance Horoscope

finance horoscope

aries finance

You have energy to burn. Unfortunately, you don’t have money to burn to go with it. You don’t need it to have a great day, though. In fact, nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself, and your sense of fun is contagious. Expect to be treated.


taurus finance

The satisfaction of working in groups varies depending on what your role is. Sometimes you get the glory and sometimes you’re relegated to support staff. But the result you’re always looking for, it goes without saying, is money. The more you pitch in today — in any capacity — the more you’ll go home with.


gemini finance

Is flexibility something that can be learned? You’re about to find out. The wrong person appears, the bill is wrong or your plans will be changed at the last second. Your ability to enjoy the day as it unfolds depends on how easy it is for you to adapt. Not adapting at all is always an option.


cancer finance

Don’t bother planning your future based on the finances of today. Things could be as radically different two years from now as they were two years ago. If you would never have imagined being in the financial situation you find yourself in, then why assume you can extrapolate your future worth? Sitting tight is still your best bet.


leo finance

u’re more influenced by your friends than you realize. After all, you are the company you keep. Hanging around with financially successful people will rub off on you, as will being perpetually broke. Money isn’t all you should be noticing, but it’s not to be ignored, either.


virgo finance

Someone is going to fall hard, and it may be you. Be glad the only thing to take a big hit is your ego, not your wallet. On the other hand, you may be an innocent bystander to someone else’s egotistical folly, in which case extra compassion is called for.


libra finance

You don’t exactly deserve much fun, you haven’t stored up enough points yet. But you’ll get plenty of fun anyway, and maybe even a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. The best part is that it’s not on credit. It’s free and clear, so enjoy the good times with others while you have the chance.


scorpio finance

Don’t let the day be spent lost in dreams. People around you are having fun and there are plenty of ways to join in. Most of them don’t require a penny, but if money becomes an issue, move on to another activity. As long as it’s ethereal, it’s worth participating in.


sagittarius finance

Learning something old is learning something new. If you keep an open mind during a particularly thorny conversation, you’re likely to see a lot of parallels between the subject being discussed and your financial strategy. The real trick is using that information once the light bulb goes on in your head.


capricorn finance

When you get that familiar urge, you know it means something more profound than the immediate subject at hand. The desire to move your furniture or redecorate your house is just a red herring for the real changes you long to make. Don’t let yourself be fooled by it.


aquarius finance

Other people push your buttons without even trying. Unfortunately, they’re the wrong buttons. If you want to blast off into outer space, you don’t have to do a thing. But if you want to be in charge of which direction you’re in, limit who you spend time with.


pisces finance

There is no routine set in stone yet, and yet you already have certain expectations for the rhythm of your days. The only thing you can predict is how much you spend because you control your own wallet. Everything else is still up in the air.


Be sure to check back again tomorrow!

See what’s written in the stars for your financial outlook. A penny saved is a penny earned, and knowing how to save even more pennies is always a plus!

did you know

The area where you live can actually play a part in how happy and successful you will be, depending on your birth chart.

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