Gemini: Strange Facts

Here we explore those that fall under the sign of Gemini. If you’d like to learn more about yourself, or about someone else, read on!

strangest gemini facts

The Fickle Twins

The Gemini is symbolized by a pair of twins for good reason! They represent a mind that is able to see two sides of every story, and an ability to think outside of the box. For the same reason, Gemini can be quite fickle because they literally can’t quite make up their mind.

Quick Minds, Quick Wits

A Gemini is able to think so quickly that they often finish other people’s sentences without even being aware of it. Part of this has to do with them wanting to speed on to the next subject since they (think they) already know what you’re going to say.

The Twins in Love

In a relationship, the twins certainly love the undivided attention… as long as they aren’t expected to give it in return. They are lovers of freedom, and new experiences. This doesn’t mean they will cheat – it just means they need a little more excitement! They especially love having someone capable of deep conversation to spark their intellect.

Gemini as Children

If you ever meet a Gemini child, you’ll know it. They will literally talk your ear off! Their banter is both amusing and intelligent, and they love to use others to help build on their ideas. The only downside is that they can get bored pretty easily, and you’ll have to push them to actually finish a project before jumping into another.

Gemini as Parents

Gemini make for doting parents, as they truly love their offspring. They love to help them learn, and enjoy living through the entire childhood experience again through them. They don’t easily tire of the endless “why’s”, and will do whatever it takes to help their child succeed in life.

Prone to Boredom

Gemini are so thirsty for mental stimulation that they aren’t likely to stand sitting still for too long. That is, if they don’t have a book, phone or tablet handy to help feed their mind. They will throw themselves into one project after another, but will quickly grow bored after they’ve mastered any skill in favor of learning a new one.

Accidentally Flirtatious

If you ever notice someone being extra flirty towards you in everyday conversation, they might be a Gemini. They tend to give off a flirtatious air without meaning to, simply because they are amused by the attention they might gain from it. Keep in mind that this isn’t something they do on purpose. It is part of their very nature.

The Gemini at Work

The best careers for the Gemini tend to be those that stimulate their mind on a daily basis. If they are thrown into projects that change from one day to the next, or they are required to learn as they go along – they will truly excel. If they’re placed into a role where they are required to do something repetitively, they aren’t likely to stay employed for long unless there is a team challenge involved.

Favorite Color:



Aquarius or Libra



Opposite Sign:



Keeping busy, being creative



strangest gemini facts

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