Bring Earplugs

The third sign of the Zodiac is the Gemini, and boy do they love to talk! This is because their mind is constantly going and they thrive on conversation and feedback. Their entire purpose in life is to continuously seek knowledge to feed their starving need for information.

Quick Witted and Attention Seeking

The good news is that even though they are known chatterboxes, their words are actually worth the listen and will often leave you laughing. They can turn a silent crowd into a pool of laughter in no time. They are bright in more ways than one, and have no problem becoming the life of any party because they know how to read a room. They don’t mind being the center of attention.

The Darker Side

Geminis are represented by the twins because of their dual, fickle nature. They can get easily bored and change plans on a whim. They are quick to make plans, but aren’t always so great at actually keeping them. Their interests can change daily, and sometimes they really just want to be left alone to their own devices.


The people that fall under this sign tend to be very creative, and are the true artists and music makers. They can jump from one project to the other with ease, and specialize in many. They are a true Jack of all Trades because settling on just one hobby alone would simply be too boring. They make excellent team members because they are able to think outside of the box, and see things clearly from all perspectives.

Home Life

Geminis can either make excellent parents, or truly bad parents. On one hand, they can create a magical environment for their child. They have the energy to keep up, and the want to help their child to learn. On the other hand, they can sometimes be so full of themselves that they won’t place their children first.


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did you know

Geminis can get so bored with their day to day life that being able to escape into a book is more than ideal for them. The chance to explore new worlds and meet new people while having the ability to leave at any time is extremely attractive to them.

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