Good and Bad Traits of Every Sign

Each Zodiac sign has both it’s good and it’s bad traits. Find out which sign is the most endearing and the one that can wreak the most havoc when angry!

good and bad sign traits


Good: You can be enthusiastic about just about anything, and you approach life with a fresh look in general. Like a child, even.

Bad: You are very prone to turn minor arguments into an all out war. Again, like a child. 😉


Good: You are fantastic about showing your love, and you can be very generous.

Bad: When you are sick, it means the world has indeed ended, and you make sure everyone is well aware of it.


Good: You can be extremely creative, have a unique perspective on things and love to talk to just about anyone, just about any time.

Bad: You are also incredibly fickle, change your mind often and sometimes it can be really hard to get you to stop talking.


Good: You are absolutely a cuddle bug who enjoys spending quality time with your family and friends.

Bad: You can be quite insecure, and you wouldn’t do well in a relationship with someone who needs space.


Good: You are really bubbly and fun to be around, and you are great about spreading that enthusiasm.

Bad: If you aren’t feeling bubbly, then you can be a really fantastic whiner and will complain about anything.


Good: You are a planner, and you notice the fine details – you are incredibly insightful.

Bad: You care so much about the details that you can be overly anxious about them.


Good: You care so much about others that you will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy.

Bad: Sometimes you insist on making people comfortable when they’re clearly trying to tell you otherwise.


Good: You are a true hero, and will do everything it takes to right any perceived wrongs.

Bad: You sometimes can turn small wrongs or bad situations into something much bigger than they ever needed to be.


Good: You always try to see the good in things, and try your best to improve everything as best as you can.

Bad: You can be a bit of a control freak in your pursuit to better others.


Good: You are the ultimate parent figure, and have a tendency to make sure your friends and loved ones are well taken care of.

Bad: You need plans in place to feel comfortable about a situation. If you break from those plans, everything is ruined in your world.


Good: You are always willing to lend a helping hand. You are a fantastic friend to have around!

Bad: That is, until you start offering unsolicited advice and simply won’t shut up. Oops.


Good: You are a vulnerable person, but in the most endearing sense. You have an open, loving personality that really shines through.

Bad: You are basically the sloth of the human world, and take your time doing just. About. Any. And. Every. Thing.

good and bad sign traits

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did you know

According to the Chinese Zodiac, each sign has an unlucky year.

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