The Healing Super Moon

On August 30th, 2015, a super moon occurred that released a high amount of healing energy. This super moon, which occurred at the closest point between the earth and the moon in the moon’s orbit of earth, shined forth from a sector of the sky known as Satabhisha, which means “100 healers.”

Moon Healing

A Power Overlap

In addition to occurring in Satabhisha, this super moon also occupied the same space in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, who pours out his healing waters into the rest of the night sky. The overlap of these phenomena – the super moon, Satabhisha, and Aquarius all in one – all contributed to immense healing energies that savvy individuals had the chance to use in order to amplify the beneficial and healthy effects of positive actions in their lives.

Although these types of healing moons occur only once per lunar orbit, knowing a few ways to take advantage of the next opportunity to amplify healing and growth in your life will see you best prepared for the next one.

More Powerful Healing

Knowing that this full moon will amplify any healing actions you take during its occurrence, addressing recurring health issues by visiting a physician or some other sort of healer will lead to more significant effect and change for that medical issue. Also, because of an Aquarian full moon’s association with Neptune, shamans and other energy workers will have their methods and abilities amplified even more so during this time.

Taking Advantage of Time

In addition to visiting healers and energy workers during the Aquarian full moon, making intentional strides toward greater self-care and lifestyle improvements are highly encouraged. Because Satabhisha is known to have the ability of revealing and hiding certain aspects of consciousness, taking advantage of the time of its full moon may reveal elements of your life that you can improve upon.

As an example, addressing past issues in your life may be a great opportunity because of the clarity of being that Satabhisha may give you around the full moon, which will in turn keep you centered while you address possible wounds or broken relationships.

Proceed with Caution

Be careful, though, because the knowledge revealed to you through Satabhisha and the full moon may not be entirely harmless or positive. Events concerning the revelation of negative information have occurred or escalated during an Aquarian full moon, with one such event being the increased leak of Ashley Madison users near the time of the 2015 occurrence.

Be Vigilant

Regardless of the nature of information made known to you, however, be vigilant in working to understand how any information can benefit you, your health, and even your creative processes. Many new technologies and transformations of thought have occurred when Satabhisha has allowed mindful individuals to peer further past the veil of consciousness than usual.

These full moons are also excellent for creating moon water as a home remedy that utilizes the energy of this moon. Use a glass container filled with water and leave it exposed to the moonlight. The addition of moonstones and pearls, either around the glass or within it, will enhance the effects of the moonlight on your concoction.