Home Life Horoscope

home life horoscope

aries home

Scrubbing a kitchen floor that soaks up stains like it was made of some kind of paper towel is hard on your knees and leeches your stamina of elbow grease. Realizing when you are beat is not a negative. Go forth and have fun asking questions about a new floor from home improvement store professionals. Soon you’ll pitch your scrub brush for a light mop.


taurus home

Varieties of thyme caress the taste buds differently. The herbs’ aromatic fragrance definitely belongs in your garden. The colorful little flowers will add to the beauty of the whole.


gemini home

Booking a ride on an antique train for your whole family as a surprise pays off in huge grins today. Even your mother-in-law will give you kudos for cleverly keeping the secret.


cancer home

You know what the right thing is and you do it without complaint. Cleaning a shower with non-stick skids can be a bit more troublesome, but ultimately safer when your aging parents are visiting.


leo home

You home is your haven, and well it should be, especially if you live alone. Post lights by the curb welcome you home. Halogen bulbs give a crisper, longer light than regular bulbs.


virgo home

Remember ceiling beams and bookshelves create natural divisions in your home. So do thoughtless words. The first is good; the second is bad. The day calls for hugs.


libra home

Make the most of this day by snuggling under the blankets with someone you love or using the last of the wood stacked on the porch for a cozy fire in the fireplace.


scorpio home

You can have luxury without deprivation of color. A simple, contemporary design for your bedroom will bring your home into balance. A lush feather comforter goes well with pillows covered in geometric pillowcases.


sagittarius home

It is like you to look at something and just do it, but sometimes instructions can be useful, for instance: The ruffles in the valance that you are sewing for above your sink would be improved by a modified standing-fell seam. This type forces the seam allowance to stand up which improves how the ruffle hangs.


capricorn home

Take the time to prepare for a drought with a literal rainy-day fund. Have drainpipes from the roof direct the flow of water to rain barrel waiting beneath. The garden fairies sing your praises.


aquarius home

You retrieved the dishes, now retrieve your exercise equipment from storage and get moving as part of keeping your healthy lifestyle resolution.


pisces home

Potatoes like a nice dark storage space, not the cold of the refrigerator. Yes, that is what that funny bin is for in your cupboard. You knew you loved this house.


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Find out what the stars predict about your life at home. Home is where you generally start your day and where you spend the most time, so having everything go well is of the utmost importance.

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