Incredible Facts About Dreams!

Here is a collection of amazing facts about dreams that you may not have been aware of. Read on to learn about some of the really fantastic things that happen while you are sleeping.

dream facts

Your Gender Makes a Big Difference

If you’re a woman, you have a pretty equal amount of men and women cast in your dreams. If you’re male, your characters tend to be 70% male – and your dreams are a lot more aggressive!

Everyone Does Not Dream in Color

12% of people dream only in black and white! Incredible. Are you one of them?

You Will Never See a Face You Don’t Know

Even in your worst nightmares, the only faces you see will be those you’ve seen somewhere in real life.

Creativity Depends on Dreams

In rare cases where people are unable to dream, they suffer from decreased abilities to be creative, and are especially bad at problem solving.

You Cannot Read While You Are Dreaming

One test to see if you’re really dreaming or not is to simply try reading something. If you can read it, you are NOT dreaming. Most people are unable to read while they are in the middle of a dream.

You Can’t Tell Time Either!

The same goes for telling time! Each time you look at a clock in a dream, it is most likely going to be a completely different time than when you looked at it moments before.

REM Paralyzes You For Your Own Good

During Rapid Eye Movement, your body is temporarily paralyzed. This happens to help prevent your body from acting out your dreams physically. In studies done on both humans and cats, when REM did not prevent their bodies from moving, it resulted in broken arms and legs, and the cats would react violently in their cages while sleeping.

Brain Activity Increases

Surprisingly enough, your brain is MUCH more active while you are sleeping than when you are awake!

Blind People Also Dream

They just don’t dream in images unless they were not born blind. Instead they involve their other senses, and are just as intense.

You Can Dream More Than Once a Night

REM tends to happen in different cycles, so you can up to seven different dreams each night.

Negativity Abounds

Dreams are often more negative than positive by a great amount. Perhaps that is our body’s way of releasing negative energy?

dream facts

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The entire reason that Google exists is because of a dream!

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