Let Go of Your Past for Your Health

It is never easy to let go of past experiences that were so difficult that you can’t seem to shake them off. They travel in your thoughts daily and wreak havoc on your body. They can fatigue you, and just build up over time so much that you’re consumed by them. They can affect your every day actions to the point that your health becomes at risk, and your future relationships can also be put to the test as a result. What can you do?

let go of the past

It is Ok to Grieve.

First of all, do give yourself time to grieve your past. It is ok. Difficult things happened, and giving yourself a little time to cope is healthy. What is important is that you don’t neglect yourself during this time. Make sure you’re not spending all of your time indoors, and that you’re getting enough to eat.

Focus on the Positives

Instead of dwelling on all of the negatives of what happened, whether it be a failed relationship or a personal tragedy, try focusing on the good things that happened, or how you are now free of the negative things. If you were in a bad relationship, be glad that you are now free to move on and find someone who can appreciate you. If someone left you that you truly loved, focus on loving yourself instead. Remember that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, and there are so many amazing people out there that you’ve yet to meet.

If you are recovering from a personal tragedy, simply know that time will heal you, and to hold all of your good memories to heart. It does no one any favors, including yourself, if you let yourself go in the process. People care very much about you, and want you to be ok. Remember that.

Find Help.

Sometimes you just really need someone to listen. Find a close family member, friend, therapist or group (even if it is online!) to share your experiences, your thoughts, and let them help you find the tools so that you can move on. If anyone tells you that you are welcome to call them at any time, actually take them up on it. You are not imposing. They will listen.


Instead of pouring your energy into bad thoughts, pour it into feeding your body instead. Go out for a run, sign up for a gym, or start a routine at home using a work out video. Exercising your body will give you an adrenaline rush, which will provide a positive boost in every other area of your life. You will feel better, and people will notice and want to be near you. People flock towards positive energies, and shy away from negativity.

Look Up.

If you believe in any higher powers, be they religious or spiritual, use them as a guide and a source of stability. Project your thoughts upwards instead of keeping them deep inside of you. Those thoughts can become a poison, and they need to get out. Let them!

Let the Moon Guide You.

The Moon can be a valuable resource. It pulls the tides, and also affects us in mysterious ways that we’ll never quite understand. Take note of when the moon is waning and waxing. When it is waning, use that time to reflect and build yourself internally. When it is waxing, send the negative energy that has built up and start taking that next step forward. When the moon is full, soak in your blessings and relish in the positives. If you feel you have no positives, then look for ways to build them.

In conclusion, you simply need to be strong for yourself, strong for your family, and for those that love you. Most of all, love yourself for all of the amazing things that you are, even if you aren’t aware of those qualities. Other people do notice, and they very much want you to be ok. If you have faith in nothing else, have faith in yourself. You can do this.

If you are reading this because you’ve noticed someone else might need help, be sure to extend a branch. Even if they seem like they want no one around, keep trying and don’t give up. Let them know that you’re serious and that you care about their well-being. Sometimes simply being there can make the biggest difference in their lives, and help them to take the next step that they need to take.

let go of the past