Lipstick Colors and the Signs

Your astrological sign can tell you a lot about yourself and your tendencies, and that includes the kinds of looks and attitudes you follow each day. An essential part of your look, then, is what kind of lipstick color and style you choose to go with the rest of your look. Based on each sign, there are some families of colors that do very well to express fundamental aspects of the sign and to keep them looking sharp and well-put together.


Capricorn – Mild Pink

Responsibility and loyalty are key for Capricorns, so a subdued shade of pink will show the warmth you have within you without going too far over-the-top with color.

Aquarius – Bright Purple

Aquarius are bold and rebellious, so something within the norm simply won’t do. Bright, highlighting colors still let you look good while setting your own trend for others to follow.

Pisces – Bright Pink

Always willing to step out and try new things, Pisces can rely on a bright pink shade that shows their open-mindedness without overpowering the rest of their look.

Aries – Bold Red

Often the center of attention and the life of any party, Aries should choose a deep, bold red that’s reliable and draws as much of a glance as they do.

Taurus – Velvet Red

Determined confidence belongs to the Taurus, so choose a color that expresses these traits. A sexy, more subdued red shows this well, and can go along with eyeliner that reaches a similar effect.

Gemini – Mixed Berry

Devotion and a desire for new things – sometimes difficult to balance, so your lipstick should allow you to explore while staying within the same families of colors and looks. Unique, berry-colored combinations should work well for you.

Cancer – Dark Red

Cancers are flexible, so a lipstick that can fill many roles and match many outfits is great for you. A deep, dark red looks fantastic and can go with just about anything you can throw at it.

Leo – Ruby Red

Confidence and loyalty are important to Leos, so a strong, bold color that lasts all day is the best choice for you. Liquid lipstick in a sharp red shade will get the job done.

Virgo – Berry Purple

Independence and intelligence are staples for Virgos, so something that stands out very particularly will suit them well. A non-glossy berry color will provide a precise style that is unique and looks great.

Libra – Gentle Pink

Elegance and grace are focuses here, so a subtle shade of pink accentuation for the lips will go along with your overall look quite well.

Scorpio – Dark Maroon

Often mysterious and sometimes wild, a deep, dark shade compliments Scorpios well. Scorpios show their power using opaque, blackened colors, so burgundy or maroon fits excellently.

Sagittarius – Coral

Sagittarius are no strangers to goal-oriented excitement, so picking a shade that expresses that excitement in a practical way is important. A bold coral shade with sun protection shows this excitement and practicality all in one.