Love Horoscope

love horoscope

aries love

Don’t let all your great legwork go to waste. If you take the time to snag a hottie’s number or email, follow it up. Even if you were totally intoxicated when it happened, take a chance. If nothing else, it’s great practice.


taurus love

Someone definitely crawls under your skin and stays there for the duration of the afternoon. A good, thorough scratch, unfortunately, won’t get rid of this parasite. So when all else fails, remove yourself from the situation. After all, they’re cramping your style.


gemini love

Something new is afoot and you know it’s going to be fantastic. Whether it’s a surprise email in your inbox or a chance meeting on the street, the encounter will alter your life. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s six degrees of separation, but it’s up to you to see the significance of it.


cancer love

An uncomfortable, even inappropriate, situation will test your composure today. Before you lose your cool entirely, consider the consequences (and the audience). Don’t let emotional toxicity poison you, lest you say the wrong thing in front of the wrong people.


leo love

You’re way less adaptable today than normal. What’s that all about? So many awesome, fun things are going on, but you’re stuck on the couch, afraid to draw open the blinds. Pamper yourself. You’re not missing out on anything you can’t do later.


virgo love

Romance will stay in a holding pattern until you determine whether your prey is over his or her ex. And it’s just as easy as that: ask directly. Don’t be afraid to mince words. The answer will depend on where this thing is headed anyway — you have nothing to lose.



You’re totally hot for one of your friends — as far as you’re concerned, you’d take him or her right here, right now. But you’re not sure they feel the same way. Hint around. Let ’em know how great they are. The response might result in a cheap hotel and breakfast.


scorpio love

It’s about finding the right person, but until that happens, fill your life with meaning. Forge new relationships, volunteer and reach out to others. Surrounding yourself with people is the best way to stave off the loneliness.


sagittarius love

When it comes to money, don’t talk about it too much. Bragging about the cost of your car, your purse and your shoes is downright tacky. Instead, chat about topics of substance: your ambitions, your goals and your dreams. When in doubt, say nothing or change the subject.


capricorn love

Flowers are totally romantic — greenery makes you feel great. So even if you can’t bribe anyone into sending you a dozen roses, buy them yourself. The energy of live foliage is addictive. Expect several people to strike up a conversation about your fantastic choices.


aquarius love

The future is looking brighter and brighter. So do your part — it’s a great day to go green. Recycle recyclables, eat no meat or use vegan condoms. Whatever you decide, make it a habit. One small change in your personal habits yields huge results.


pisces love

The person you’re seeing probably has some reservations about you. And if you haven’t addressed it, now’s a great time to discuss your status with your ex. Are you over him or her? If not, maybe you should stay solo until you work it out.


Be sure to check back again tomorrow!

Will he or won’t he? Find out what the stars are predicting for your love life, whether the results be good or bad. That way you can make better decisions about what your next step should be.

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