Lucid Dreamers. Are You One of Them?

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? If you’re not quite sure, read on so we can explain what it is like to experience one, and how you can use this ability to your advantage. They can be both scary and amazing at the same time!

lucid dreams

The Definition

A lucid dream is when you’re aware that you are dreaming. Because of this awareness, you may be able to control much of what goes on during the dream, such as the environment, the characters, and the role they play.

The Experience

Just imagine being able to see a loved one again that you miss dearly. Being able to see and play with that beloved pet that you lost several years ago. Being able to travel to a distant land that doesn’t even exist, but you wish it did. Imagine being in an incredibly scary situation, then realizing you are only dreaming – so you can either turn the dream into something less terrifying, or awaken yourself from the nightmare entirely!

Healing Abilities

If you are capable of lucid dreaming, keeping a dream journal could be very beneficial. Start recording your dreams, and try to continue along that same path each night, and build up from it. Read your notes from the night before, and reflect on it as you fall asleep the next night. Use your imagination to mold the dream into what you’d like it to be, and as you transition from being awake into a deep sleep – sometimes those thoughts can follow into the dream itself. Use that chance to explore any worries on your mind, or to help you experience chances you missed out on so that you can finally move on.

How to Become a Lucid Dreamer

If you’ve never had a lucid dream but would like to learn how to experience one, the technique is very similar to the one we just described. Decide what kind of dream you’d like to have, and create an icon to represent it. It can be a photo or a statue, or anything that will help you remember to concentrate about it before falling asleep. Close your eyes and try narrating the theme you’d like to experience, and hold that thought as long as you can as you fall asleep. If you continue to do this every night, you should eventually start dreaming along that same theme.

Don’t Wake Yourself Up by Accident!

Because you have the thought already in place that you’d like to be able to control your dreams, and because you’re looking at that same icon or image before falling asleep at night – if you see it WHILE dreaming, it can help trigger your awareness that you ARE in fact dreaming, and still asleep. The trick is that once you start to realize you’re dreaming, try not to hold on to that awareness too strongly or you may very well wake yourself!

Sleep Paralysis and it’s Role in Lucid Dreaming

This leads us to Sleep Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis is when you are very aware that you are asleep, but are unable to move. This can be extremely scary! If you are new to lucid dreaming, this is something that you could end up experiencing. There are two tricks you can try to break yourself from this.

1. Try not to Panic.

Realize that you’ll be ok. If you feel like you cannot breathe, remember that your dream state is different from your physical state. Your body IS breathing, even if you can’t tell. Try to use it as an opportunity to think about what you’d like to shape your dream into, and as you relax you could very well transition back into a dream, and wake up normally.

Again, Do not Panic!

Even though you feel like your body cannot move, try “rocking” your dream body back and forth. If you do it long enough, and try to build up the strength of each movement – you could eventually wake yourself up! You could also try yelling at yourself to wake up, while building in intensity. Most of all, just try to keep in mind that you WILL wake up eventually.

In Conclusion

It is really amazing how our dreams can so strongly reflect what is going on in our lives. Our worries, our struggles and our passions. Learning the ability to use these dreams to help heal ourselves, or to help choose our path can be incredibly liberating.

If you’ve ever experienced a lucid dream, we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to join us on Facebook, and post about your experience on our wall.

lucid dreams

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did you know

Many of the greatest inventions of mankind were inspired by dreams, such as the sewing machine, the Periodic Table, and even Google itself!

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