Can Psychics Be Scientifically Proven?

A long standing question has been whether or not psychic abilities do in fact exist. Has scientific proof ever been found, or has everything been completely fabricated? The fact is that all scientific research is not foolproof and scientists can fall into the same habits that any person is capable of.
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Banacheck vs the McDonnell Laboratory

There was a man by the name of Banacheck who was tested by the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychical Research back in the early 80’s. He convinced the parapsyhcologists there that he and a friend of his had psychic powers, under specific test conditions.

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The fact was that these two were magicians, and they used techniques designed to fool the researchers. They later revealed that they had no pyshic powers whatsoever. What was the real truth?

From a scientific point of view, any research involving psychics is indeed challenging. Experiments are usually worthless unless they can be repeated. If a person were to reveal they had psychic abilities, they would have to repeatedly undergo the same experiment many times – which isn’t always possible.

There is also the issue of the “shyness effect”, and some have been quoted as saying “the ability does not turn off and on as easy as a power switch.” This suggests that replicating the tests needed to provide scientific proof wouldn’t be easy to come by using the usual methods.
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Hubert Pearce vs Duke University

There have been tests with positive results, however, such as when Duke University tested a man named Hubert Pearce back in the 1950’s. He was given 74 tests, and each consisted of 25 guesses. He averaged seven to eight correct guesses per test. The odds of this happening by chance are calculated to be 1 in 22 billion!
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Other Important Experiments

In the 1920’s, another experiment was conducted in Holland involving a single person by the name of Van Dam who studied at the University of Groningen. He had to identify the target square in a checkerboard consisting of six rows and eight columns.
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There were 48 possible targets, one of which was randomly selected for each trial by shuffling cards. Van Dam scored extremely well in this task – he scored 118 exact hits in 597 trials which is approximately ten times the number expected by chance.

A third case involved an experiment carried out by Bernard Riess in New York in the 1930’s. A “Miss S” carried out 74 runs using the standard ESP card deck, with 25 cards, five each of five different symbols. In these 74 runs, she managed to carry out without feedback over 18 hits per run. This is most likely the most spectacular performance in the entire history of experimental Psi Research. (Riess, 1939)

In conclusion, while there may not be a lot of strong scientific proof available, there does seem to be something out there that can’t quite be disputed. One thing you can do is simply find out for yourself, beginning today. Try Psychic readings in different networks, compare the results and do your own research to see how they fare for your own life.