Which Sign is More Likely to Cheat?

Whether or not someone is willing to cheat actually has less to do with their sign than who they are as a person, but each sign does have specific traits that might make them more likely to cheat than others.

zodiac sign most likely to cheat in a relationship


Aries are only likely to cheat if they get cheated on first. If they cheat at all, it is usually just an innocent flirtation that doesn’t turn into anything more because they aren’t willing to go any steps further than that.


Taurus are more likely to cheat if they feel they aren’t getting enough affection at home. If they get lonely, they will seek out attention elsewhere. Otherwise they are known for being very loyal.


You have to watch out with Geminis. They are the sign more likely to cheat on an emotional level, and that emotional level can be more dangerous than anything physical because they absolutely crave a mental bond with others.


Cancer is a very loyal sign, and very unlikely to cheat. They live for romance, and are prone to falling into guilt trips – so they simply can’t handle what cheating would do to their own mental health.


Leos are great unless they hit a mid-life crisis. In those cases it isn’t unheard of for them to seek out someone younger just so they can try to feel young again, and regain some of that youthful excitement.


Virgo is the type that will try absolutely everything to make a relationship work. They care much more about the mental state of a relationship than anything physical. If a Virgo cheats on you, it is because they finally just gave up entirely.


Libra are very serious about commitment, and aren’t likely to cheat in general. They also won’t forgive their significant other for cheating. Ironically, they do find a lot of joy in flirting!


Scorpios are so passionate they can’t help but get caught up in not so trusting situations. If they find out they’re being cheated on, they are known to seek out revenge by doing the same.


Sagittarius is forever the romantic, and will seek out to do the right thing in a relationship. If they do find themselves in an emotional cheating situation, they tend to panic and back out.


If a Capricorn cheats, it is because of a battle within themselves, and not something the other party did wrong. They seek out attention elsewhere because of a lack of self-esteem and a need to feel loved.


An Aquarius is very unlikely to cheat on a physical level, but if they find someone that matches them on a mental level, you might be in trouble. They love and seek attention on an intellectual level.


Pisces tend to have a Peter Pan syndrome, where they never quite want to grow up. They are forever seeking out that perfect magical relationship that might not even exist, and are prone to falling into a mid-life crisis.

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did you know

Aries can be quite flirtatious, and almost always make the first move.

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