Taurus: Strange Facts

Here we explore those that fall under the sign of Taurus. If you’d like to learn more about yourself, or about someone else, read on!

taurus strange facts

A Material World

Taurus are known to be incredibly materialistic. They live to be surrounded by beauty, and put a lot of focus into acquiring items to adorn their homes. The good news is that they work very hard to achieve this, so they definitely deserve the rewards!

Highly Reliable

They are very hard workers, and won’t back down from a challenge. They are also extremely stubborn, and won’t let anything stand in their way! This also makes them very reliable, especially when it comes to completing a project by a certain deadline.

They will absolutely take the time needed, even if it means working long hours without getting much more in return than the satisfaction of knowing that they were successful.

Prized Possessions

Their most prized possession is their family. They take great care in guiding their children, and cultivating a loving atmosphere. They make sure that their family stays financially secure, and will do absolutely anything to protect them.

Because they value both their homes and family so much, they’re very prone to throwing get-togethers, and tend to be the matriarch or patriarch of their families. There is nothing they love more than entertaining the people that they love the most.

Their Finances are in Check

Taurus do an incredible job when it comes to managing their finances. They set their goals, and make sure that they achieve them. If they need to save up money for a house or vacation, they will definitely succeed by any means necessary! They make sure their bills are paid on time, and make sure that they have adequate savings in hand in the case of an emergency.

They have the willpower to save up for large purchases, and the ability to plan ahead with great results.

A Sensual Partner

What a Taurus loves most in a relationship is simply the ability to touch and be touched. They are sensual beings, and they will lavish their attention on those they love. They tend to be extremely loyal, and absolutely adore their partners.

They are also big on giving gifts to show their love, and they look for partners that can match their intellect and social status.

Patient and Kind

Don’t let their overwhelming nature fool you – even though they are quite strong, they are also known for being gentle beasts. They have a strong sense of morals, and they keep that in mind with everything that they set to achieve.

They won’t let others stand in their way of reaching a goal, but they are careful not to tread on any feet that might be in the way.

Favorite Color:



Capricorn and Virgo



Opposite Sign:



Being outside, working on crafts.


Anything unnatural, being inside.

taurus strange facts

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