It’s All About the Good Life

The second sign of the Zodiac is Taurus, and they love to live it up! They can be extremely materialistic, and yearn to have the best in life. There is nothing they love more than being surrounded in lush, comfortable settings. They prefer the richest of foods, and having a glass of wine nearby would be absolutely ideal. Isn’t life grand?

Stubborn Bull

Like the symbolic beast of their sign, they can certainly be bull-headed. Even if they’re faced with an impossible task, they aren’t going to give up easily. The good news is that that dogged persistence can sometimes pay off when others might have given up a long time ago! They will especially try meeting a goal if the reward at the end is lavish enough.

The Bull at Home

Taurus values their families very much, and they seek to keep them healthy and happy. Again, the reward is worth the effort spent, and they take a lot of pride into helping to shape their children into model members of society. They can be incredibly sentimental, and are great romantics at heart.

Firm Footing

Taurus are known to keep their feet firmly on the ground, and aren’t likely to be swayed from any task. They are incredibly dependable, and won’t shy away from any task. They also tend to be very strong in general, both in mind and body.

Finding the Balance

Those who fall under this sign tend to be gentle beasts, but they are known to be hot headed at times. Luckily they’re able to quickly calm themselves and stay grounded for the most part. They are so determined to pave their way through life the right way that they can get frustrated when it doesn’t always happen as planned. They try to always keep their eyes on the prize!


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did you know

If you are a Taurus, it would be very wise to keep a scarf nearby. Having one on hand to stroke or place around your neck is an easy way to ground the beastly part of yourself that shows up from time to time.

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