Moon Timing and Why it is Important

It is well known that the Moon helps time things and has an amazing ability to pull things in one direction or another. It is used predominantly in Predictive Astrology and for timing as a whole. The moon completes it’s cycle every 28 days and changes zodiac signs every two and a half days.

moon timing

To win the Moon’s Favor, Consider These Actions:


Spiritual or Mystical pursuits, drama, music, any activities involving water or going on a retreat.


Social or group activies, trying something new or unusual.


Activities that are slow and steady, business plans or advancing your career.


Adventure seeking activities, Sports or physical activity.


Intimacy, research and getting rid of old things that no longer matter.


Teamwork, cooperation and activities that relate to beauty and appearance.


Work activities, routines and tending to details.


Taking risks, seeking personal recognition, spending time with children.


Home décor, family gatherings and being aware of personal needs.


Reading, running errands, writing letters and being generally capable of multi-tasking.


Focus on activites capable of growing, such as financial activities and relationships.


Be self assertive, take on challenges and start short term projects.


Using the Moon for Electional Astrology

You should consider two major factors when you’d like to time an important project according to a favorable moon position.

1. Take note of the Moon’s last aspect before it changes signs. Aim for that aspect to be in conjunction to one of the easier planets, such as a sextile or a trine.

2. The first applying aspect should also be a sextile or a trine, since it will symbolize how your undertaking should begin.

moon timing

Each phase of the moon has a particular purpose or power.

The New Moon is when you should start new things.

The First Quarter Moon is when you should address problems.

The Crescent Moon is when you should gather information.

The Disseminating Moon is a time of sharing and socialization.

The Gibbous Moon is when you should make refine and make adjustments.

The Last Quarter Moon is when you should really consider letting go.

The Balsamic Moon is when you should rest and reflect.

The Full Moon is the time for fulfillment.