Which Type of Vehicle Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Do the stars predict what which vehicle you should drive? The astrological chart of each individual is more complex than that. We can still have some fun with this idea though. Let’s play with this thought: if your zodiac sign were a vehicle… Which kind vehicle would it be?


Aries the ram is bold. Aries are bursting with vitality and are strong, independent, natural leaders. The center-of-attention-loving Aries would unquestionably be an automobile which stands out from the crowd. They would reflect a powerful auto that has the power to charge forward, while filled with the energy and stamina to go the distance. The vehicle that perfectly describes an Aries is a: Hummer.



Taurus is a practical sign. It is a strong, steadfast dependable sign. By nature they are firm and determined. Taurus are stubborn and tough, as powerful as the bull that represents their sign. Taurus are earthy people. The vehicle that best matches Taurus is a monstrous: Dodge Ram Truck.

dodge ram


Gemini are intelligent and crave adventure. They are eager for new experiences. They like to test the limits. They are highly selective and gravitate towards what’s genuine. The vehicle that aligns the sign of Gemini, without a doubt, is a: Range Rover.

range rover


Cancers are carefree and filled with passion and love. Free-spirited cancers like having fun and enjoy the unexpected and pleasant surprises. They love adventure. The perfect automobile is one that reflects their independent and free spirit. The matching vehicle for a Cancer is a: Porsche Boxster

porche boxter


Leos are strong, charismatic and natural leaders. Leos have a magnetic personality that draws the attention of others towards them. They are intensely charged with sexual energy and therefore would align with a sexy automobile. A Leo auto is one that reflects success and power. The vehicle that best represents a Leo is a: Lamborghini



Virgos are the definition of perfection. An automobile for a Virgo is one that looks like poetry in motion. An auto most like a Virgo would be well-built and dependable. Every fine detail and feature, are ones that are meticulously thought out. The vehicle that correlates to a Virgo is a: Lexus



Libras are all about fun. A automobile matching a Libra would be an exciting ride. Libras are exquisitely romantic. A Libra auto will be both fun and sexy. The vehicle that represents a Libra is a: Chevrolet Camaro



Scorpios are intense, deep and mysterious. They pay attention to details. They are strong and powerful and like to be in control. An automobile representing a Scorpio will be sexy and powerful. It would probably have tinted windows to keep its sense of mystery. The vehicle most like a Scorpio is a: Corvette



Sagittarius overflow with optimism. Sagittarius are highly intelligent beings. A Sagittarius automobile is one that is smart, adventurous, fun and positive to own. The vehicle that reflects a Sagittarius is a: DeLorean



Capricorns are quite down-to-earth. They prefer the traditional. Like the sure-footed goat that represents their sign, they prefer stability and safety. They also have an innate need to climb to the top of the mountain. For a Capricorn, the perfect vehicle representation is a: Jeep Wrangler

jeep wrangler


Aquarius by their very nature are unconventional. They are visionaries who revel in fresh and exciting new ideas. They care about making the world a better place for everyone. An automobile that characterizes an Aquarius is one that is highly innovative. The vehicle that most represents an Aquarius is a: Tesla Model S

tesla model s


Pisces, like its symbol of a pair of fish, is all about duality. It is the sign of Ying and Yang, two sides that represent one whole thanks. Pisces have an easy-going nature. They care deeply about others and the world around them. They go with the flow and can adapt to any environment. The vehicle that clearly matches a Pisces is a: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

toyota highlander hybrid


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