Born to Serve

The sixth sign of the Zodiac is Virgo, and they were truly born to serve. They truly love to help others and to provide assistance where needed. They take their time and are very efficient in everything they do, and it really shows.

Somewhat Picky

Virgo are known for being picky, but they have a fantastic reason for being this way. It is because they pay a lot of attention to detail, and have a need for everything to run smoothly. For this reason they are a great asset to their employers. It can cause some minor annoyances with their workmates, but because they’re genuinely so willing to help out in return it can be easily overlooked.

A Bundle of Energy

Along with their need for expedience comes the energy to handle everything that comes their way. They are not known to be lazy, because that helps no one. They are ready and willing to completely wear themselves out if they have to, if that means meeting a deadline, and it makes things easier on everyone else.

The Not So Silver Lining

Their need to help others is a little deceptive, because Virgo are also known to be vain. They enjoy the praise they get for getting things done, and for being the good samaritan. They are able to temper this, at least. Although they do like the attention, they do seek a balance and will not walk over someone else to meet their goals or take credit for something that isn’t theirs to take.

The Perfect Career

Virgo tend to excel in the medical field. Their need to help others is met daily, and they get the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing all they can to potentially make someone’s life better in the most practical sense.


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did you know

Those who fall under the sign of Virgo are especially known for their intelligence and for wanting to help others.

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