What is Astrology?

Know your future and enlighten yourself about the facts of Astrology. There are many answers one can give, and perhaps the simplest is that astrology is the belief that something born in a moment of time has qualities of that moment of time.

what is astrology

You can also describe astrology as a complex symbolic system based on a tradition that believes there’s a correlation between the relative position of celestial bodies and terrestrial concerns.

Various astrological techniques are used to interpret the meaning of that correlation and to provide information about personality, human affairs and other terrestrial matters.

To the skeptic, astrology is silly and worthless superstition. A psuedoscience, claiming divination according to the positins of the planets, the sun and the moon.

Well, let’s take a look at what various astrologers have said astrology is, and how it works.

In 1477, Marsilio Ficino wrote that the sky can show many events without causing it, as evident from the fact that evil without any order can derive from very good and ordered realities.

So these things are foretold according to celestial positions, intended as signs and not as causes.

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Here are a few additional notes about Astrology:

How is Your Horoscope Determined?

The constellations and configurations of the planets play a big role in this. Your birth chart plots how all of the planetary bodies correspond with the current date and time, and helps to reveal certain patterns that may influence your day to day activities.

How does it affect your Personality?

This has a lot to do with what your dominant house is, as portrayed by the Zodiac. Some have different strengths than others, and there is also a moon and rising sign to consider.

An Important Note

Always keep in mind that Astrology can be imperfect, since we as humans are always unpredictable. It should be used as a general guideline to help you make decisions in your day to day life – but ultimately it is up to you to decide what the next step in life should be.

Astrology is best used as an informational look into how people work as a whole, and a key to helping us figure out how our history can help shape our futures.


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