Foods to Eat According to Your Sign

Did you know that some foods are supposedly better for you than others, based on your Zodiac sign? There are foods you should avoid as well!

Each sign has their own particular likes and dislikes, and your tastes can be defined in the same manner. See how your own tastes compare, and then be sure to check out your Daily Food Forecast to find out more.

zodiac foods to eat

Foods You Should and Shouldn’t Eat


You Should Eat: Lean meats, bananas, olives, cucumbers, spinach and beans.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Spicy food in general, and alcohol.


You Should Eat: Whole grains, rice, citrus fruits, bitter greens.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Dairy products.


You Should Eat: Oranges, raisins, applies, green beans , yogurt, almonds and ginger.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Coffee, yeasty foods and certain sugars.


You Should Eat: Steamed vegetables, cabbage, seaweed and whole-grain rice.
You Shouldn’t Eat:Salt and oily foods in general.


You Should Eat: Cranberries, lemon water, beets and pumpkin.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Heavy foods and carbohydrates.


You Should Eat: Fruit salads, fruit juices, soups and teas.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Chocolate, and foods that are too rich.


You Should Eat: Oats, apples, strawberries, corn and nuts.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Carbonated beverages, refined sugars and yeasty foods.


You Should Eat: Onions, black cherries, coconut, asparagus and lentils.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Sweets and oily foods.


You Should Eat: Root vegetables, such as carrots, and potatoes, whole grains, olives and figs.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.


You Should Eat: Fruit salads, alfalfa, wheat grass, oranges, peanuts and flaxseed.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Spicy foods and onions.


You Should Eat: Cayenne, ginger, protein bars and tomatoes.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Yeasty foods and coffee.


You Should Eat: Cherries, lemons, peaches, spinach, beans and dates.
You Shouldn’t Eat: Asparagus, salts, and alcohol.

zodiac foods to eat

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