Zodiac Signs, Space Facts and more

Horoscopes are actually based on the idea that the position of the sun, the stars and other celestial objects at the time of your birth, determine certain things in your life such as your personality.

Please note that the Sun and Moon are included as planets when it comes to Astrology, and that there are ten planets altogether. Earth is actually not included in this list!

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Each planet symbolizes different energies in our lives, and plays a big role in how we express our needs, and what we’re willing to do (or not do) to achieve our desires.

Let’s explore the role of each planet, and how their influence can affect your very nature.

The Sun

The Sun is representative of your very essence. The inner you that others may not be aware of.

The Moon

The Moon is representative of how OTHERS see you, not necessarily your true self that is represented by the Sun.


Mercury is a representation of your intelligence, and how you communicate as a whole.


Venus represents how you express your feelings of affection and love.


Mars represents your masculinity, and is the exact opposite of Venus, who represents your femininity.


Jupiter is representative of all of your most positive traits: Generosity, Optimism and the ability to Succeed.


Saturn is representative of your more negative traits, such as Bad Fortune and causing misery unto yourself and others.


Uranus represents your ability to evolve, and achieve personal growth. Uranus is what provides the spark to creativity, and the cause of Revolution.


Neptune represents the unreal, and the ability to dream. Neptune is absolutely the ruler of all things dealing with illusion and fantasy.


Pluto is representative of power, and the obsessive desire to achieve it. Pluto certainly is the driving factor behind ego, and the ability to obtain great wealth.

If you’d like to learn more, watch this video to get answers about many of your questions pertaining to astrology in general:

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Your Zodiac sign comes from the Sun. Of course it also depends on your birthdate, but it also relates to the position of the sun at your time of birth.

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